Mind and Brain Fixation

Depression is the summarizing name for a scope of symptoms. Depression per se is not the cause of depressive symptoms. There are many potential etiology of depression. Nutrition, lifestyle, sun exposure, family dynamics are all causes that need to be figured out.

brain and mind fixation

Anti-depressive medications are among one of the most common drugs that are over-prescribed, along with anti-psychotics.

Anti-depressive and anti-psychotic drugs are not the cause of depressions. Unfortunately, family medicine and psychiatry practice overly rely on these medication. Overprescription causes extra troubles and side effects. 

Sweet food flourish in the holidays and casinos, since they enlighten the mood. Sugar satisfy and addict the brain even higher than the Cocaine does. Our brain are very sensitive to chemicals. Anti-depressives are just one of the many drugs that improves on the "happy" chemistry in the brain.

Mind and Brain Fixation Program

With effective counseling on lifestyle and nutrition, acupuncture and herbs, a rebalance of the inner emotion and mood will be reached. Sleep, appetite and weight will improve. Biochemical pathways, in certain circumstances, will be corrected; neuronal cell functions will be back on track.