Immunity Boost Program

Why some people weren’t able to survive the Covid infection? 

Why some people got cancer unfortunately? And why some people survived the cancer?

Immunity is about how we are able to survive the nature.
It is all about our relationship with the nature.

Immunity is everything about balance: Th1 and Th2 balance, lymphocytes of B and T cells that mediate the immune response balance. Understanding the immune system in human system biology is the basis of the Immunity Boost Program. 

Immunity decline during aging is called immunosenescence. Dr. Ma researched thoroughly the immunity during the aging process at the University of British Columbia. As a top notch scientist, Dr. Ma researched every single perspective in immunology in the very young and the very old, who are the two extremes of ages with immune vulnerability. As a practitioner, Dr. Ma helps many patients maintaining and boosting their immunity during different stages of their lives.

Everything in nature is balanced: male and female, day and night, sun and moon. Looking into our health in the holistic way and understanding the immunity are the basis of our Immunity Boost Program. The lifestyle has to be balanced; the diet has to be balanced; our medications have to be balanced. But unfortunately, the prescription are being overused and abused in many many cases.

At the System Medicine Institute, Dr. Ma look into each individual’s health from the perspectives of a immunologist, medical doctor, Chinese medicine doctor and naturopathic doctor. The therapeutics that is individually designed and built on the holistic insights are the key for the success of each client.

What is the key component of diet for a immunity boost?

Balance is the medicine: for The Immunity

Immunity has key roles in every single aspects of our lives: 

autoimmune conditions: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis; 

microbe infection: virus, bacteria and fungus; 

cancer prevention: immune monitoring of malignancy; 

anti-inflammation: heart conditions, brain conditions and pain; 

so on and so on. 

Immunity Boost Program plays either an immune modulation and/or immune enhancing program in different circumstances.


Immunity in each individual is an entity in the universe. As part of the natural selection, our immune system has to be strong and smart enough, in order to get through the unexpected incidents. Immunity is the fighting soldier, also the monitoring safety guard and the balancing negotiator. 

Immunity is about how we are able to survive the nature.
It is all about our relationship with the nature.

An individualized Immunity Boost Program.

Consults and therapeutics are available through either office or remote settings.