Gender Health and Fertility

Fertility, Reproduction and Urological Health

Before thyroid hormone was discovered, the hypothyroidism symptoms such as low energy and fatigue have been treated with holistic medicine for thousands of years. The holistic point of view is crucial in treating the sexual, reproductive and urological conditions.

Male urological issues are treated in a similar pattern as to female fertility issues in the holistic medicine, with great success in andrology issues such as prostatitis, sexual functions and fertility issue. 

For the infection and inflammation in the prostate, the antibiotics are very difficult to get into the prostate. Direct injection of antibiotics into the prostate is used by some urologists. It is very painful, since the extra fluid are injected into the prostate that increase the intra-prostatic pressure. But many patients still have to go through this procedure since the symptoms are even more disturbing.

In holistic medicine, males and females are similar. The reproduction organs in both genders, from the embryogenesis point of views, are very similar processes. The reproduction potential is being given from the nature. In nature, nothing is alone. Same are the urological and reproductive organs; they are closely correlated to the other organs and systems.

Urological issues are common in the postmenopausal females. It is due to the lack of protection from the estrogen as well as the nature of the female reproduction system. It is not necessary to be on antibiotics for those with recurrent urinary infections. The 2016 noble prize laureate, Tu YouYou, discovered the natural ingredient for treating malaria and saved millions of people’s lives. Natural medicine has a lot of potentials in helping with infections, especially in the urological system. It is not just about killing the microbes; it is more of improving the immunity potential, as well as the reproduction potential that was lost from the menopause.