Q: Do you have license as naturopathic doctor?

A: Yes, I am licensed in both Canada and USA.

Q: What is Integrative Cardiology Institute?

A:I founded the Integrative Cardiology Institute that is based on my cardiology experience at York Regional Hospital and Toronto East General Hospital. I realize that in our medical system, there are huge gaps between cardiologists, family doctors, scientists and integrative physicians. In order to prevent the onset and aggravation of cardiovascular conditions, an integrative physician that owns the trainings in both complementary medicine and allopathic medicine should take the responsibility to integrate the knowledge for the sake of better helping the patients. Therefore, I take the task as the medical director and scientific director of Integrative Cardiology Institute.

Q: Do you prescribe drugs?

A: No. But I will have to know any drugs that you are taking, so that I can avoid affecting the bioavailability of your medications.

Q: You are a certified medical doctor. Do you have a license to practice medicine in  Canada or USA?

A: Even though I am a certified medical doctor by passing all the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE step 1, 2 and 3, including oral, practical and written), I am not eligible for the board licensing of medicine without doing residency in the USA or Canada.

Q: Do you provide online consultation?

A: Yes, online consultations are provided for Canadians and Americans who are looking for a practitioner with the credentials of a ND or combined with MD and PhD. My comprehensive integrative insights and therapeutics have also helped clients and patients outside of Canada and USA.

Q: What kind of therapeutics do you use? What is special about your treatments?

A: I use supplements, homeopathy (traditional western medicine), manipulation (chiropractic), western herbal medicine/botanical medicine, Asian Medicine (traditional Chinese medicine), physical therapy and counseling. I choose therapeutics from my understanding of modern science, modern medicine and naturopathic approaches.

I call my practice as naturopathic family medicine. Especially I provide help for those complex conditions and chronic illnesses. Meanwhile, I am open to reach out and discuss with your other healthcare providers, including medical doctors.

Q: Will you prescribe medical marijuana?

A: Even though naturopathic licenses are able to prescribe marijuana in certain states in the USA, this is not the case for now in Canada.

Q: How does remote counseling work?

A: FaceTime, Skype or Google Duo will be used. Prepayment will be arranged by email.