Q: Do you have license as naturopathic doctor?

A: Yes, I am licensed in both Canada and USA.

Q: Do you prescribe drugs?

A: No. But I will have to know any drugs that you are taking, so that I can avoid affecting the bioavailability of your medications.

Q: You are a certified medical doctor. Do you have a license to practice medicine in  Canada or USA?

A: Even though I am a certified medical doctor by passing all the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE step 1, 2 and 3, including oral, practical and written), I am not eligible for the board licensing of medicine without doing residency in the USA or Canada.

Q: Do you provide online consultation?

A: Yes, online consultations are provided for Canadians and Americans who are looking for a practitioner with the credentials of a ND or combined with MD and PhD. My comprehensive integrative insights and therapeutics have also helped clients and patients outside of Canada and USA.

Q: What kind of therapeutics do you use? What is special about your treatments?

A: I use supplements, homeopathy (traditional western medicine), manipulation (chiropractic), western herbal medicine/botanical medicine, Asian Medicine (traditional Chinese medicine), physical therapy and counseling. I choose therapeutics from my understanding of modern science, modern medicine and naturopathic approaches.

I call my practice as naturopathic family medicine. Especially I provide help for those complex conditions and chronic illnesses. Meanwhile, I am open to reach out and discuss with your other healthcare providers, including medical doctors.

Q: Will you prescribe medical marijuana?

A: Even though naturopathic licenses are able to prescribe marijuana in certain states in the USA, this is not the case for now in Canada.

Q: How does remote counseling work?

A: FaceTime, Skype or Google Duo will be used. Prepayment will be arranged by email.