Dementia Prevention and Reversal

Vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s are two most common causes of dementia. Scientist and physicians have been trying very hard to find a “drug” to treat dementia. However, a magic pill doesn’t exist. Dementia should be treated and prevented in a holistic way with system medicine and functional medicine. 

There are 100 billions of neurons in our brain; each  of them forms thousands of direct contacts (synapses) with neighboring neurons. There are 100 trillions of these synapses sending and receiving signals. The brain and the heart are energy powerhouses: the mind never stops and the heart can never stop.

Fat and ketone are the fuels for the brain. They are one of the keys for the functional and healthy brain. Not just “good fats”, the cell membrane and mitochondria membrane both needs all kinds of fats to constitute the functional structure. 

At the Integrative Cardiology Institute, we make the healthy heart and healthy brain coexist in the ageing conditions such as Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. 

How bad are the saturated fat and red meat?

Food is the medicine: for The heart and the brain.

The potential causes of Alzheimer’s include inflammation, infection of microorganisms from a leaky gut or inflation, metabolism disorders, etc. All of these causes can be addresses from food and lifestyle.

The Alzheimer Prevention and Reversal Program includes the up-to-date theory and treatment plan and traditional medicine to help those who may carry a high risk gene, family history or have early symptoms and signs of dementia. 


An individualized reversal and prevention plan for dementia.