Doctor Trained in System Medicine


Big Doc with Big Love

Medical Director, Scientific Director

System Medicine Institute

Fellow (System Medicine, Department of Medicine, McGill University/Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal)

PhD (Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia/Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver)

Fellow (Genetics and Lifestyle Medicine, Peking Union Medical College/ co-founded by Rockefeller Foundation and Union churches)

MD (China, ECFMG-c)

ND (Ontario Canada and Minnesota USA Legislatures)


I am a Medical Doctor certified by Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the only agency that certifies MD in the United States Link. Furthermore, I completed the USMLE Step 3, the final step of United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) for independent medical practice Link.

Beyond medical doctors, I furthered in medical sciences and received Doctoral degree of Philosophy at the department of medicine at the University of British Columbia. My PhD work involves in pathogenesis, cancer research, immunity, metabolism and therapeutic molecules. The dissertation is deposited at UBC library Link and Library and Archives Canada. Afterwards, I did fellowship in System Medicine at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)-Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

Heart health is the center of other internal organs’ and whole body’s health. The current understanding of heart health in allopathic medicine is very limited. More and more people are having stent in their coronary artery. The incidence of cardiovascular diseases still keeps increasing. There is no sign of the decrease of prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. The medical, scientific and the social systems should take the responsibilities of doing the right things for people’s health. The solutions are in the nature. Regarding Integrative Cardiology and System Medicine, please check my other site

I am licensed with Ontario Canada and Minnesota USA legislatures as naturopathic medical doctoral practice that contains botanical medicine, manipulation (chiropractic), homeopathy, asian medicine, nutrition and physical medicine. I am one of the very few, if not the only one that provides alternative medicine and owns these credentials in the United States and Canada. Qualifications in all aspects of medicine are the foundation of my insights of patients’ health. My experience of conventional medicine at a variety of health centers and hospitals in the USA and Canada includes ophthalmology, dermatology, internal medicine (cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary and endocrinology), family medicine (includes gynecology, palliative medicine, long-term care and hospice), psychiatry (in-patient and out-patient), emergency medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics. If you have lab tests, exercise test or imaging results that were done with other health care providers, I strongly suggest that you bring those with you when you come for an appointment. For integrative cardiology, these test results are key for the precise evaluation of cardiovascular function.

During the growth and development of my career, I treated patients from around the world with top medical doctors at Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) in Beijing and McGill University Health Center (MUHC) in Montreal. PUMC was established by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Union Churches in the 1910’s and was the very first medical college in China. As the World Health Organization collaborating center for integrative medicine, PUMC is also prestigious for combining western medicine and traditional medicine. After my training at PUMC, I became one of top physicians in China for introducing individualized medicine by combining genetics and lifestyle medicine at the Centre for Population Health and Genetics(CPHG). Our body is a system that is created somehow beyond one point of view from human beings. Many times it is necessary to combine opinions from different angles. My insights of health have opened the doors for the clients with complex conditions and who have already sought medicine or complementary medicine elsewhere. To embrace the nature is the way to find the best solution for optimal health.

After many years of pursuit at the top level of medicine, surgery and philosophy at the cost of lots of time, I feel that the meaning of simplicity and freedom is way more important. Natural medical practice is the the best way to combine my experience and expertise in clinical medicine and philosophy, as well as my cultural background. My philosophy of life is simplicity. As the core of far eastern philosophy, simplicity eases off stress and bring health; simplicity means to back to nature and keep life green and healthy at relatively lower cost; simplicity means freedom-living with what are given to us. As a doctor of philosophy from the department of Medicine at UBC, I look at human body and healthcare systems at a deeper level that is hopefully closer to the truth.  As a primary care provider, I see patients of all ages and a variety of acute and chronic health concerns. My responsibility to patient’s care is based on my comprehensive mastery of Medicine, Surgery and natural medicine, top-notch understanding of science and philosophy, cultural imprint and training in traditional medicine; above all is my enthusiasm in drugless therapy of ailments.

Representatives of my published work:

  1. At the Department of Medicine at McGill University. Title of the publication: Expression, sorting, and segregation of Golgi proteins during germ cell differentiation in the testis. (3rd place among the five senior authors.)
  2. At the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Title of the publication: Small-molecule agonists of SHIP1 inhibit the phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway in hematopoietic cells.

After over twenty years’ of medical experiences, I conclude that medicine should philosophically move back to its origin of thousands years ago. What is medicine’s origin? It is the people. From my perspective, there is profound philosophy of medicine behind this simple statement. When I was a junior physician, I was frustrated by cancer, terminal illnesses and death. I set into top-notch research in order to make milestones hopefully to cure these diseases. The deeper I went in there and the more details I gathered, the further I found that myself moved away from treating the people. Modern science and medicine expand everyday with more and more discoveries. However these findings should come back to help the people in the first place. Doctors become trained in their more and more specialized subfields. Patients do need those expertises, but also hunger for keen insights outside of those small boxes. Modern drugs are targeted to one molecule, one chemical binding site and one disease hoping to get the proposed therapeutic effects. But one molecule is too far from getting the people better or helping the people in full aspects. It ends up with more and more medications in one prescription. The patients need the experts to conclude from every aspect in medicine, healing philosophy and integrative approaches that are able to heal in the holistic way. This was how the ancestors in both the east and the west treat illnesses before the modern pathology appeared. Illness isn’t just about diseases; illness is about the people.

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